1.10. – International Coffee Day

1.10. – International Coffee Day


On an International Coffee Day one agreed only last year – more precisely the International Coffee Organisation.
On the same day, Japan has been celebrating the hot drink since 1983, the first country in the world. Finally, the Japanese are the third largest coffee importers (behind Germany (2) and the USA (1)).
In the USA, the National Coffee Day was celebrated for the first time on 29 September 2005, where large diner and fast food chains distributed free coffee to their customers.
By the way, the Germans drink more coffee than water or beer with 0.41 l of coffee a day! Only the Dutch and Scandinavians drink more in Europe.

The coffee is celebrated all over the year with national celebration per country.
  • Beginning of April: China
  • April 14: Portugal
  • May 6: Denmark
  • May 24: Brazil
  • June 27: Colombia
  • August 17: Indonesia
  • Fourth Friday of August: Peru
  • First Saturday of September: Germany
  • September 12: Costa Rica
  • September 19: Ireland
  • September 20: Mongolia
  • Last Friday in September: Switzerland
  • September 29: Ethiopia, Australia, Belgium, England, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, South Africa, Hungary and USA
  • October 1: Japan, Austria, Romania, Sri Lanka
  • October 21: Philippines
  • November 7: Taiwan
  • November 17: Nepal

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