Matcha Latte Espresso

Matcha Latte Espresso

No idea how you see it, but the Matcha Latte offered in many cafes is not my thing – then I prefer the traditional green tea!
In Japan, where Matcha comes from, Coffee and Matcha are now being combined and layered! You should try it!
Let us start from the beginning. What is this matcha actually?

  • Matcha, in Japanese 抹茶, translates as “ground tea”.
  • Green tea (Tencha) is ground in stone mills to the finest powder.
  • Matcha is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony.
  • It has an intense green color and a sweetish taste, slightly tart in later pickings.
  • The tea contains many catechins as well as carotenes and vitamins A, B, C and E.
  • Matcha is considered a particularly noble tea variety and is correspondingly expensive.
  • In Berlin you get the for example in the Japanese Café Mamecha.Because Matcha is so healthy, it is offered as “Latte“, mixed in chocolate, offered as ice cream, macarons or cakes, but also combined with coffee! And here we come together!
Matcha Latte Espresso
  • Sieve 4 g Matcha powder and add 8-12 g sugar
  • Add 12 g water o it and stir with a spoon until it is plain
  • Add 25 g milk and stir
  • Fill into a glass through a sieve
  • Add 80 g ice cubes and pour in 35 g milk gently
  • Pour in gently 50 ml freshly brewed chilled espresso or strong coffee so it layers above the milk and matcha.

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