International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!
Time to take a look at the women in the coffee world today and to pay homage to them!


Women worldwide play an important role in coffee production. A handful of international associations is working to ensure their access to equal ownership and employment conditions.
Research shows that increased access for women, particularly in agriculture, has a major impact on education, health, nutrition, general well-being and poverty reduction.

Eastern African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA)
  •  ITC currently supports the EAFCA with development programs in 11 countries, including a component for women in coffee, which are supported in their Coffee Guidebook and the website version at
  • The collaboration with EAFCA has enabled the ITC to expand its network of women working in the coffee sector.
Women in Coffee (WIC)
  • A leading information and training organization for women, mainly active in Central America.
  • Work to improve the conditions of women in the coffee sector.
Café Femenino Foundation
  • In 2004, in Peru initiated by 464 women who had decided to improve their own lives, but also to all women worldwide.
  • The Foundation promotes the integration of women into social, political and professional organizations through the provision of grants.
  • The first scholarship was given to a coffee cooperative in Indonesia to provide emergency exhensions and food after the devastating earthquake and the tsunami of December 2004.
Das Kaffeequalitätsinstitut (CQI)
  • Promotes leadership training for women through the partnership of female mentors in the United States with scholarship holders in Central and South America.
International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA)
  • A global network of women in the coffee sector.
  • Task: To enable women in the international coffee community to have a meaningful and sustainable life.
  • Founding partners are Gavina, Green Mountain Coffee, InterAmerican Coffee, Amfotek and Bunn.
  • Recognized by the United Nations, the ITC (International Trade Commission), the ICO (International Coffee Organization).
  • 3.-5. August 2017: IWCA Convention in Mexico
Further women’s movements and co-operatives in the coffee sector
  • Alianza de Mujeres
  • Café de Costa Rica / Costa Rican alliance of women in coffee
  • Mujeres en Café de Guatemala / Women in coffee in Guatemala
  • Flores del café – Movimiento de Mujeres / “Coffee Flowers” – Women’s Movement in Nicaragua.
  • Java Mountain Women’s Coffee Cooperative
  • APROLMA in Honduras
  • COMUCUP – Coordinadora de Mujeres Campesinas de La Paz

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