Viennese Café

Viennese Café

Today is Austrian national holiday, as my friend from Vienna told me yesterday. This must of course be celebrated. How? With coffee!

Coffee is not cultivated in Austria. That does not stop the Viennese, however, from celebrating coffee to the smallest detail. That is why, as the title suggests, it is the preparation. Beforehand, however, some facts:

  • 2nd half of the 17th century: coffee consumption in princely houses thanks to the Ottoman ambassador.
  • 17 January 1685: Opening of the first Viennese coffee house by Johannes Theodat
  • Since 2002, on 1 October, the day of coffee is celebrated.
  • From the 13th – 16th January 2017 The Vienna Coffee Festival is celebrated in Vienna.
  • 1952 Foundation of the Austrian coffee and tea association.
  • 2.9 cups of coffee the Austrian drink daily (European top field).
  • 42% of Austrians now drink capsule coffee.
  • 1/3 drinks coffee from fully automated coffee machine.
  • Even if capsules and coffees are on the rise, quality and good taste are important for Vienneses.

Classic Austrian coffee specialties:

  • Kleiner/großer Braunersingle / double mocha with milk or cream in small bowl. The cream or milk is traditionally served in a tiny porcelain pot, reminiscent of a slightly larger thimble, on the tray, so that the guest himself can determine the mixing ratio.
  • Einspännersmall mocha in the glass with a lot of cream (doppelter Einspänner: large mocha)

  • Fiakerlarge mocha in the glass with lots of sugar and a stamperl Sliwowitz or Rum (Fiaker also means horse carriage)
  • Schalerl Goldcoffee with cream, slightly lighter than a Brauner
  • HäferlkaffeeFilter coffee in coffee cups with mostly high milk content
  • Kaffee verkehrtcoffee with 23 milk and 13 coffee
  • Kapuzinerblack coffee with a shot of liquid cream
  • Kosakenkaffeesmall mocha in the Einspännerglas, mixed with liquid sugar, red wine and vodka
  • Mazagrancold sweetened coffee with ice pieces and brandy / cognac or maraschino
  • Melangehalf coffee, half milk
  • Franziskanerlight melange with cream
  • Kaisermelangemocha with egg yolk, also with honey and wine brandy / cognac
  • Wiener Melangemelange, served with foamed milk in the glass
  • Maria TheresiaMocha with a dash of orange liqueur
  • Mokka gespritztMocha with wine brandy / cognac and rum
  • Verlängerter – kleiner Schwarzer/Brauner is extended with the same amount of hot water
  • Weißer mit Hautlight melange, served with hot, non – whisked milk on which a skin forms.
Remarks: Schlagobers is the name of the cream, Stamperl a liqueur glass and light melange means light milk coffee
If that is not enough or you are missing something, you find it definitely here.

🏠 Coffee houses in Vienna

A pleasant atmosphere is soooo important. This is why you should visit Vienna in the following classic coffee houses:

Those who prefer it modern and sustainable:

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