Berlin Mug – My Mug for Berlin

Berlin Mug – My Mug for Berlin

The coffee to go trend can be hardly escaped – 70 % of consumers have fallen into the trend. The Deutschen Umwelthilfe e. V. has a few more frightening facts:

  • In Germany, 320,000 coffee-to-go cups are consumed every hour.
  • This is almost 3 billion per year!
  • In Berlin alone, there are about 460,000 cups a day.
  • Approximately 5 % of the total coffee consumption is drunk from disposable cups.
  • The number of consumers who are particularly frequent or occasionally using coffee-to-go cups is currently 70 % in Germany.What can be done against the whole plastic waste, if one does not want to renounce this ritual?

    Mein Becher für Berlin!

    And there are some good arguments for this:

  • durable
  • Cup of ultra-light bamboo
  • Banderole and cover made of silicone
  • no risk to health
  • Recyclable & dishwasher safe
  • When buying support the campaign “Stadtbäume” with 2 €The Mug costs 9 €, there are over 54 locations of the Berlin S-Bahn, Bio Company and Marktzeit Berlin. 

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