Moin Moin, Hamburg

Moin Moin, Hamburg

In the coffee city of Hamburg, some small fine coffee-roasters have settled in recent years. On the 3rd wave of conscious consumption and deceleration – the opposite of Starbuck’s coffee-to-go. Here customers can watch as the coffee is freshly roasted and you get packaged coffee with individual design including advice. All the way to the porcelain and transparent explanation around the gourmet coffee is a bit more individual. For an easy decision, where you sip or buy the next coffee, here is a small overview:

  • Nordcoast Coffee – Deichstraße 9, 20459 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Café
    Coffee from sustainable cultivation and fair trade, 50 cents donation per kilo of coffee to social projects
    Daily fresh roasting.
    Paula Mendes and Jörn Gorzolla have already been awarded the “Goldene Kanne” twice in the “Karlsbader Kannen Cup”, the competition for the best brewing.
  • Maya Kaffeerösterei – Hammerbrookstr. 75, 20097 Hamburg
    Roasting| Store | Onlineshop | Café
    Premium Highland Coffee from Mexico, Peru & Ethiopia
    Organic farming of small (est) farmers, certified organic & Fairtrade
    Golden award of the German roaster guild for espresso & filter coffee
  • Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei – Kehrwieder 5, 20457 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    Decades of experience in raw coffee imports.
    All roasting systems are located in the guest area, so you can watch the roasting.
    Organic coffee, coffee produced by small farmers and rarities such as Wild Kopi Luwak, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Ka’u and Panama Geisha “Morgan Estates”
  • Becking Kaffeemanufaktur – Leverkusenstr. 31, 22761 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Café
    Sustainable cultivation as well as fair trading conditions, also without label and certificate.
    Exclusive processing of the highest quality coffee beans of fresh crops.
    Events like coffee seminars and espresso seminars as well as master espresso training
  • Kaffeerösterei Burg – Eppendorfer Weg 252, 20251 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Museum
    “From the coffee beans the magic power of the flavor and the fascination to win this gift of heaven”
    Rarities like Jamaica Blue Mountain & own creations from mature beans from Hawaii and Kopi Luwak.
    Seminars: Coffee & Espresso, Barista Basic, roasting seminar
  • Die Rösterei – Steinstraße 19a, 20095 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    Worlds largest raw coffee stock
    Organic & Fairtrade coffees
    Freshly roasted daily and freshly ground in the café.
    Rare coffee specialties like wild coffee from Ethiopia, Jamaica Blue Mountaine or Kopi Luwak
  • Public Coffee Roasters – Wexstraße 28, 20355 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    Third Wave Coffee: Here, the coffee is evaluated according to the origin character and the processing worked out most of the varied taste nuances .
    Direct contact with small farms in the countries of origin, such as Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia.
    Roasting takes place at Quijote coffee.
  • Quijote Kaffee – Marckmannstraße 30, 20539 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop
    You can also find quality, direct trade and transparency in all areas on the website!
    Direct reference of individual cooperatives.
    Coffee School Hamburg offers the following courses: barista, roasting, sensor technology and machine technology.
  • Elbgold – Lagerstraße 34c, 20357 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    Sustainable cultivation, fair trade with coffee farmers and cooperatives
    Rarities such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona count and Cup of Excellence coffees
  • Playground Coffee – Grindelhof 33, 20146 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    Sustainable, fair, varied and delicious.
    Delivery service for agencies and companies.
  • Torrefaktum – Bahrenfelder Straße 237, 22765 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    organic-certified coffee roasters.
    Sustainability, in manufacturing as well as in packaging. Direct import.
    Coffee subscription.
    Barista, brewing and roasting seminars.
  • Black Delight – Waidmannstrasse 12c, 22769 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café in Eppendorfer Weg 67, 20259 Hamburg
    The motto “Respecting Coffee” refers to transparency and fair trade.
    Barista school and mobile coffee bar
  • Kopiba – Beim Grünen Jäger 24, 20359 Hamburg
    Roasting | Store | Onlineshop | Café
    In addition to the St. Pauli Deathpresso, there is a choice of singel origin organic coffee.
    Managing Director Thomas Haack is a experienced coffee expert and the roaster on site.

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