… the trade fair for sustainable consumption.

Admittedly, I was skeptical the first time, when my vegan yoga teacher took me there with her. But – there are not only eco-terrorists, but also many people who want to improve the world a bit and consume with a better conscience. Slogan this year:


From fashion, cosmetics, housing, mobility to money investments, everything is there … and, of course, also food, including coffee.
The following providers are there:

Wertform GmbH
  • Mount Hagen is coffee for the advanced. Organic coffee from Demeter quality from Papua New Guinea.
Flying Roasters
  • As part of the European network Roasters United, the coffee roasters from Berlin purchases its raw coffee directly from the producing cooperatives in the coffee countries without intermediate stations.
  • They stand for ecological cultivation, fairness to farmers and transparency towards the end customer.
  • The oldest coffee roaster in Switzerland, Swisscoffee Company AG, offers the first certified compostable coffee capsule, which naturally contains fair-trade organic coffee.
Fünf Elemente
  • Bioma offers Arabica highland coffee from controlled organic cultivation, either as espresso Monteverde or five elements coffee refined with herbs and flowers.
Coffeebike Berlin
  • The Coffee Bike Berlin is a coffee shop on a nostalgic load bike, which offers delicious coffee from organic certified coffee beans and can be booked for events.
  •  Offers fair trade coffees with strong and powerful flavour from partner projects in Tanzania, Mexico and Nicaragua.

🏠When and Where?

… you can get in touch with the traders and treat yourself to one or the other coffee, depends on where you live.
The Heldenmarkt takes place in many large cities in Germany on different weekends. Here are the next dates.

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